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Jowa Fahrzeugteile-Vertriebs GmbH | Firmengebäude

Jowa Fahrzeugteile-Vertriebs GmbH | Company building

JOWA Fahrzeugteile-Vertriebs GmbH is an independent supplier of the production and maintenance of components of various vehicles and types of vehicles, manufacturer code is C7574, registered with the German Federal Office of Defence Technology and Procurement (Bundesamt für Wehrtechnik und Beschaffung - BAAINBw).

Being a reliable partner of various NATO member countries, we have developed close business ties with them. Many years of working in this area have given us a solid base of expertise wich assures our customers receive quality service all time.

Our customers that are, among others:

  • BAAINBw, Koblenz; Germany
  • Nato Maintenance and Supply Agency (NAMSA), Luxemburg
  • NATO members, worldwide
  • General contractors (Manufacturer of armoured vehicles)

In addition, we have customers in the automotive and engineering industry.