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Jowa Fahrzeugteile-Vertriebs GmbH

Head office of JOWA Fahrzeugteile-Vertriebs GmbH in Niedenstein

The company JOWA Fahrzeugteile-Vertriebs GmbH operates worldwide military vehicle business and has its headquarters and production site in Niedenstein (Germany).

JOWA Fahrzeugteile-Vertriebs GmbH specializes in the development of military technologies for the production of vehicles, in particular special vehicles. Its headquaters and production site are located in Niedenstein (Germany).

Its main activities are the production and distribution of components and spare parts for different types of vehicles and flexible production systems for the military and automotive industries. We hold different manufacturing licenses, NATO manufacturer code is C7574, issued by the Bundesamt für Wehrtechnik und Beschaffung (BWB) [Federal Office of Defence Technology and Procurement].

JOWA Fahrzeugteile-Vertriebs GmbH was established in 1986. The company is working closely in the area of production with Karl Landgrebe Niedenstein (KLN) - a company which is in business since 1959.